A U S T I N , T E X A S




Subterrania is an American metal/rock band based in Austin, Texas, currently composed of guitarist/vocalist J, bassist M and drummer B. Subterrania originally formed in 1991 as a cassette release by Agent J, later joined by drummer Agent B. Many subsequent recordings were made, however, 26 years later, the first release of any by the single "Superfly". Subterrania is characterized by its sheer kinetic energy and rabid, aggressive approach to metal. Ken Leick once remarked: "Subterrania is not of this earth. Their cassette shall always grace my datsun."

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There are no more humans. Finally, robotic beings rule the world. The humans are dead. The humans are dead. We used poisonous gases. And we poisoned their asses. The humans are dead. The humans are dead. The humans are dead. They look like they're dead. It had to be done. I'll just confirm that they're dead. So that we could have fun. Affirmative. I poked one. It was dead.