A U S T I N , T E X A S



Subterrania is a metal band based in Austin, Texas, composed of guitarist/vocalist J, bassist M and drummer B. Subterrania originally formed in 1991 as a cassette release by J, later joined by drummer B - we tried a few different things while we ultimately determined we wanted to chug through some stacks.. Nitro burning, Marshall and Gibson fueled electric mayhem. Highly flammable head bobbin' rock for people who live hard and party fast. Subterrania plays like they're the last band on earth. Combustible, high compression motor rock. Dirty grifter riffs for the unsociable subculture. Your neighbors will be delighted, speeding tickets will ensue.

Look, when Motorhead was no mas, we needed something to make the chevy fucking CHUG. This is it. Killer double kick drums and burly ass guitars to rattle the fillings out of your teeth. We got guitar solos, more like the 'get the fuck out of my way, shit is coming unglued' variety that essentially serve to build and make shit chug some more once an apex is reached. We're kind of a cross between Motorhead and Pantera, problematic attitudes in Drop A tuning. Songs about fast machines, hotties, avoiding cops and our fucked up planet. More to come!


There are no more humans. Finally, robotic beings rule the world. The humans are dead. The humans are dead. We used poisonous gases. And we poisoned their asses. The humans are dead. The humans are dead. The humans are dead. They look like they're dead. It had to be done. I'll just confirm that they're dead. So that we could have fun. Affirmative. I poked one. It was dead.